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Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Upgrades  

What can you put into your TAM to make it super fast and super useable? The Hot Spot has put put together a collection of what upgrades existed. Hopefully you can find these yet from Mac hardware companies or eBay.

RAM - The TAM can go up to 128MB of memory. The memory should be 5 volt unbuffered 64-bit 168 pin DIMMs at 60 nanoseconds EDO with a 1k or 2k refresh. You cannot use the 4k refresh kind. Fast page memory should work if EDO is not available.

Modem - CommSlot II 56K Modem Kit (P/N652-0038). My advice is use the CommSlot for an Ethernet card and obtain either the original AirPort Base Station (the one with a 56K modem build inside) to access the Internet over phone lines.

CommSlot II - ComSlot II 10Base-T Ethernet (P/N 661-1171) or compatible, Modem available (I don't recommend using this slot for that purpose).

PCI Slot -

Keyboards and Mice - ADB style only

L2 Cache Slot - The Sonnet Crescendo G3 L2 cache slot upgrade will give speeds available up to 500MHz/1MB. Or the 1MB Cache card, TAM is based on the Power Mac 6400/6500 series. Either of these will speed up the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh a lot with the G3 card giving out the most speed boost. MacBench scores (non-upgraded = 361, 1MB L2 Cache = 438, G3 500Mhz card = ). It is one or the other as they use the same slot.

Hard Drive - Any IDE Powerbook (PowerPC based) should work. Some experts say anything over 4GB won't work (I have not tried) so worse case settle on a SCSI hard drive.


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